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Hi, I'm Teresa, a professional marketing

blog post writer, content creator, and copywriter.  

 I also specialize in writing and editing both professional

and personal communication, including emails, obituaries, eulogies, memorials, wedding vows, and other milestones in your life. 

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Professional marketing blog post writer, content creator, and copywriter

Here's what I do and what you'll get to maximize your business potential:

  • Research and pitch relevant topics for your audience

  • Choose titles for maximum attention

  • Include links and images when needed

  • Format for easy reading

  • I'll share to my social media if I have a byline.

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Susan Allan
Danville, IN
Teresa Wyeth, of Teresa Wyeth Writes, recently completed the eulogy of my late husband Paul. Teresa is both knowledgeable and courteous with the entire process.
The eulogy paperwork was easy to follow which made the entire process pretty much effortless for the person who is in charge of completing it.
Teresa is very good at getting the information needed to have a great eulogy.
Once the eulogy is complete, you will get it back from Teresa for your review in plenty of time to check for any errors or misinterpretations there could have been.
Teresa made this process easy on me as the widow of the deceased. It was one less thing I had to worry about in my time of grief.  I really appreciate this and have no regrets.
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Laura Herzog

North Salem, IN


“In 2022, I was on the ballot for an elected position. In need of a brief bio for my campaign, I knew what I wanted to SAY, but struggled to put this into words. Within several days Teresa Wyeth was able to arrange my script and give it a professional tone; however, still very much ME. Teresa was able to make the words flow into an easy and effective read. Happily, I was elected that November.

Teresa Wyeth Writes is amazing. She was able to convey my message in a short bio that summarized exactly what I wanted to say in a simple statement.

If I had worked for weeks, I could not have completed a more perfect bio than what Teresa Wyeth Writes completed in a few short days.

Teresa Wyeth Writes knows how to polish your words and feelings into a beautiful script.”

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Let me help you realize your vision.

Professional content, copy, editing, blogs..

Wedding vows, life celebrations, obituaries, eulogies.

Let me create it for you!​

Rates vary according to project scope.

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Get in touch with Teresa Wyeth Writes for all your writing needs.

North Salem, Indiana 

317 902 6744

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